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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chalk on the Walls ONLINE Stop and Shop SALE

I previously announced a Stop and Shop event to come sip cider and shop Chalk on the Walls for holiday gifts, decor and goodies for yourself!  After looking at my calendar and realizing we will have home repairs, birthday parties, Gotcha Days, and other crazy things coming up, I'm out of feasible days:(  So, I think an online SALE will be better!  Join me in your jammies, grab a cup of coffee and grab your Christmas list!

All items are 10-50% off original price.  I put a letter by the items.  Please comment with SOLD and item LETTER.  I will update listings. 

If you are local and can pick up the item, you will not need to pay shipping.

If you are not local, $5 shipping charges apply.  $5 for up to two items.  3 or more items $8 shipping.

Share with friends and Pin your favorites. 
MONDAY, DECEMBER 2nd at Midnight

Please contact me with any questions! aubs22(at)gmail(dot)com

A)  Child Size Christmas Apron $11

 B) Large Apple Tote Bag $15
 C) OU Sooner Photo Frame $10
 D) Child Sized Ice Cream Cone Apron $11

 E)  "Simplify" clipboard with front/back designs shown $14  SOLD
 F) OSU Pokes Photo Frame $10
 G) Black Medium Sized Cork/Chalkboard (two-in-one) with bunting $18 SOLD

 H)  Turquoise and Red Chevron Clipboard with Jumbo Polka Dot Back $14
I) Red cork/chalkboard (2-in-1) with metal 5 and bunting $20 SOLD

J) Countdown to Santa Red Zebra/Lime Polka $10 SOLD
 K) Red/White on Khaki Women's Cap (perfect for OU fans) $20
L) Orange/Black on Black Women's Cap (perfect for OSU fans) $20

 M) Soft Shades Photo Frames-please specify choice in comments!
Blue Polka, Cream Cross or Pink Polka $10 each
N) Be Jolly Frame $8

 O) Lot of 3 medium Christmas bows $8 SOLD

P) Infant Girl Caps-please specify choice in comments:  Pink Bday Cupcake, Red Christmas Tree, Pink Oklahoma, Red Oklahoma  $10 each
 Q)  Thunder Fan Orange and Turquoise on Black Women's Cap $20
 R)  Oklahoma Turquoise, Orange, Black on Khaki Women's Cap $18
S)  Oklahoma Multi Chevron and Burlap on Black Women's Cap $18

 T) Holiday Candy Strip and Lime on Khaki Women's Cap $20
U) Baby Bibs-please specify choice in comments:
Houndstooth Tie, Posy on Yellow, Chevron, Paisley or Pink Cross $4 each

 V) Oklahoma Chevron Black Tote and Cap SET  $30  $25 **TOTE ONLY  $15 $10
 W)  Be Jolly Mini Canvas $8
 X) Thunder Up Mini Canvas $8 SOLD
Y) Simplify Mini Wooden Sign  $5

Z)  Jingle Mini Wooden Sign $5

 AA)  Let's Celebrate Large Wooden Charger Plate $20  SOLD
 BB)  Mini Christmas Clothespins  $2 SOLD
 CC)  Happy Gotcha Day Sign  $10
DD)  Small Wooden Black/Cream Polka Plaque  $5 SOLD

EE)  Small Wooden Black Cream Polka/Green Cross Plaque  $5 SOLD

FF)  Mini Red/White Gingham Hair Bow-Cute for Christmas and OU games!  $2 SOLD

GG) Small Wooden Turquoise/Lime Pray Plaque  $5
 HH)  Turquoise/Orange Chevron THUNDER bow $2.50 SOLD
II)  Orange/Turquoise Polka Dot THUNDER bow $2.50 SOLD

 JJ) Floral with Lavender Bow $2.50
KK)  Set of 4 painted wooden push pins  $2 SOLD ***ONE MORE AVAILABLE **
 LL)  Christmas Tree Dish Rag $3  SOLD
 MM)  Houndstooth Oklahoma Dish Rag  $3 SOLD
 NN)  Bunting Dish Rag  $3
 OO)  Turquoise/Pink Oklahoma Dish Rag $3 SOLD

 PP)  Black/Green Jumbo Polka Dot/Inspirational Two-sided Clipboard  $14  SOLD

QQ)  Countdown to Santa with Chalkboard  $10 (1 available)


  1. I'd love (G), (HH) and (BB)... You are so talented, Aubrey.

  2. Sorry, Kari! BB is sold. The rest are yours. Thank you!

  3. SOLD: J, MM, OO. I'll stop by after we're back in town. Thanks!

  4. SOLD DD AND EE. I can either pick them up or you can drop by and leave them for me at SSS!