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Monday, December 23, 2013

Photo dump!

So, I've been having too much fun cramming everything in the last few weeks!  Christmas came quickly this year!!
 Foster Moms Christmas Party
Wall photo in children's wing at church.  Mariah Summer 2010 and Winter 2013.  Huge difference!!
Jay made a "pirate" out of Legos and dress-up clothes during nap time one day.  Gave me quite a fright as I walked in his room!

Rides at Bass Pro before our annual Stansberry Christmas dinner at Toby Keith's.  We planned to visit Santa, but the line was wrapped around the store.  Thankfully, we hadn't mentioned that part to the kiddos.

Mariah's first elementary school Christmas party.  She has a darling class!  The performed and it was precious!!

Christmas break playtime!  (The kids love to wear Josh's old shirts to bed!)


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